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The Montmorency Forest is the largest teaching and research forest in the world, totalling 397 km2. It is open to the public and located 45 minutes north of Quebec City at Kilometer 103 of Highway 175. 

Since 1964, the Université Laval faculty have had the opportunity to give practical courses in forestry, forest management, forest protection and logging and to engage in research in an exceptional environment. Educational and research activities, particularly in forest and geodetic sciences, biology, ichthyology and game management, hold classes throughout the year.


The Montmorency Forest's mission is to be a welcoming environment committed to excellence in the areas of teaching, research and public education related to sustainable forest management. In order to achieve this, we aim to develop a viable sustainable forest management of timber, wildlife, water, recreation, tourism and landscape resources in a way that preserves the forest’s productivity model, its regeneration capacity and its vitality. The model also ensures the maintenance of biodiversity by safeguarding the distinctive ecological features of the natural regional forest, following the principles of ecosystem management.