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The Forêt Montmorency is a popular place to come and watch the birds! It is distinguished by the presence of special species such as the Boreal Chickadee, the Gray Jay and the Spruce Grouse. The spring season is conducive to the observation of 40 to 60 species.

It should be noted that at least 164 species of birds have been observed to date. Site traffic analysis for more than 30 years by a number of professional and amateur ornithologists has permitted the creation of an annotated list of birds present for each season, allowing visitors-observers to better appreciate this magnificent Boreal Forest aviary home.

Our various trails leading to diverse habitats (forest, meadow, lake, a feeding station, etc.) facilitate observation. Each of the four seasons has its ornithological attractions!

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Until April 30, 2020
Prices before taxes

Adult:  5.87$ / UL 5.00$
Child: 4.13$ (6 à 13 y-o) / UL 3.91$
Family: 13,92$ (2 adults et 2 children) / UL 10.00$
Under 5 : free

DOGS : Dogs are welcome on our walking and hiking trails (on leash) at all times. EXCEPT : From Sept. 21 to Nov. 4 2018 during our moose observation safaris, dogs will not be aloud on our trails.