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7 hicking trails from 1.7 km to 12.1 km

Geocaching: you will find caches on some of our trails.

Information : https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6936F_01-le-forestier-foret-montmorency

Trail A
Le Lac Piché

Level of difficulty: Easy
Distance: 2.5 km loop
Access: Pavilion
Access to shelters: Le Jean-Marie and Le Tanguay (for clients who rented the refuges)


Trail B
Le Forestier

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 4 km loop
Access: via Trail A
30 interpretation panels explaining the Boreal Forest and sustainable management
3 gazebos
Access to shelters: Le Jean-Marie, Le Tanguay and LeLaverdière (for clients who rented the refuges)


Trail C
La Forêt Mosaïque

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 4.1 km round trip
Access: via Trail B
Access to shelter: Le Laverdiere (for clients who rented the refuge)


Trail D
Les 2 Vallées

Level of difficulty: Difficult
Distance: 12.1 km round trip
Access: via Trail A
Long Trek, 1 gazebo
Access to shelter: Le Lemieux and La Chute refuges(for clients who rented the refuge), Le Naturaliste (shelter)


Trail E
Le Draveur

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 11.4 km round trip
Access: via Trail D
Access to shelter: Le Poirier (for clients who rented the refuge)


Trail F
La Chute de la Rivière Noire 

Level of difficulty: Easy
Distance: 1.7 km round trip
Access: 10 km via Highway 33 or via Trail D
2 lookouts overlooking the 28-meter waterfalls
Offers hikers a stunning view of the falls of the same name, 28 meters high
Access La Chute (for clients who rented the refuge) and Le Naturaliste (shelter)

 * To walk the Chute Noire (return) Trail starting for the pavilion, count 12 km (depending on your pace, 3 to 6 hours return). Level of difficulty : difficult. 

Trail G
La Le Pohro

Difficulty: Intermediate
Distance: 1.9 km round trip 
Beautiful landscapes 
Access: On the other side of the 33 route in front of pavilion


Until April 30, 2020
Prices before taxes

Adult:  5.87$ / UL 5.00$
Child: 4.13$ (6 à 13 y-o) / UL 3.91$
Family: 13,92$ (2 adults et 2 children) / UL 10.00$
Under 5 : free

DOGS : Dogs are welcome on our walking and hiking trails (on leash) at all times. EXCEPT : From Sept. 20 to Nov. 3 2019 during our moose observation safaris, dogs will not be aloud on our trails.