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Cross-country skiing


Laval University’s Montmorency Forest, the world’s largest research and teaching forest, makes headlines once again this year with its famous Boreal Glide! Skiing begins here on October 25th, exclusive in Northeastern North America!


The Montmorency Forest offers the longest cross-country ski season in Quebec, thanks to the special climatic conditions and its snow cannons!

From October 26 (unique in Quebec!), our trails are open to the public and to athletes!


Throughout the winter, our network of natural snow trails are maintained with the help of a grooming machine and the remaining land is available for off-trail skiing (about 25 km. with some restrictions).

Services: ski equipment rental, waxing room, showers as well as a cafeteria.

The Montmorency Forest is a member of the cross-country ski resort network in the Quebec region. For more information, go to rssfrq

Montmorency Forest will be closed between Dec. 22nd 2019 at 4 p.m. to Dec. 26 2019 at 4 p.m. Ski tracks open again on Dec 27th.

The Canadian Ski Patrol is present at the Forest all along the season! Thank you! 

Tracks are opened from 7:45 to 4pm

41 km – total classic cross-country ski area
16 km - skate skiing
22.4 km – off-trail

7.0 km - easy
19.1 km – difficult
16.4 km - very difficult

Map of our natural snow trails


SEASON 2019-2020


Price : 17.40$

Daily prices, taxes not included

Adult : 16,53 $ / UL 10,44 $/RSSFRQ** 12,40$
Child 6 à 13 y-o: 8.70$/UL 6.96$/RSSFRQ** 6.53$
5 and under: free
Family (2 children et 2 adults): 39,14$/UL 25,66$/RSSFRQ** 29,36$
Group (min. 20 tickets/group/day, valid for the day of purchase only): 13.92$

Access to the trails is included in lodging prices.

Dogs are not aloud on ski trails

* Prices are subject to change. 

SKI RENTAL (ski, boots and  poles) prices do not include taxes (We have some brand new skin skis! Information at 418-656-2034)
*upon availability (we suggest to check in advance)

Adult (per day) 17,31 $
Adult (half day) 11.97 $
Child (per day), 10 and under 10.44 $
Child (half day) 8.48 $

Montmorency Forest will be closed between Dec. 22nd 2019 at 4 p.m. to Dec. 26 2019 at 4 p.m.