Individual Reservation Policies




Applicable pricing

  • La Forêt Montmorency has established a rate per person except for two buildings (Hameau Chalet and Birch Chalet);
  • Failure to report the number of persons in a lodging unit automatically results in a financial penalty and other penalties may be added as described in the Forêt Montmorency by-laws.
  • Rates include specific booking conditions for certain periods of the year such as: a minimum number of nights to be booked or a minimum number of people paying.
  • Pricing also varies according to certain periods of the year.
  • The pricing period runs from early May to the end of April of the following year. In addition, the pricing of Forêt Montmorency services cannot be pre-programmed into the reservation system. However, you can book up to one year in advance. Therefore, if you book a stay before April 30th for a stay that will take place after April 30th of the same year, the notation "not known" will appear on the Total Stay line of your booking confirmation. In this case, a new confirmation will be sent  once the new pricing has been programmed into the reservation system (during the month of May). You will then have 1 week to cancel this reservation without charge, if the price is not agreeable.
  • Please note that the total amount of your stay shown on your booking confirmation may vary based on:
    1. If there is an error in the package booked officially in relation to the requested package;
    2. If you request changes to your reservation, a cancellation fee may apply depending on the policy in effect;
    3. If you request additional services during your stay;
    4. If a law or regulation comes into effect after your reservation and affects the total of your invoice. For example: a change in the provincial tax rate;
    5. Penalties may apply in the event of non-compliance with the applicable regulations;

Additional charges billable at the end of a stay

Non-compliance with certain Forêt Montmorency regulations may result in financial penalties. These fees are as follows:

  • $ 50 + taxes per room not vacated by 12 noon on the day of departure;
  • $ 50 + taxes per room where smoking regulations were not respected;
  • $ 50 + taxes for accommodation per night for an undeclared person in a room, cottage or shelter;
  • $ 75 + taxes for triggering a fire detector in a room (caused by cigarette smoke or other products)
  • $ 200 + taxes per room for non-compliance with animal regulations in university buildings;
  • $ 20 + taxes per unreturned key.
  • The cost of repairing or replacing equipment broken by the tenant of the room, whether by carelessness, negligence or improper use. These fees vary depending on the severity of the occurrence.

Individual reservation conditions

  • Reservations may be made in two ways: by telephone or on-site at the Forêt Montmorency reception desk;
  • Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. To do this, the Forêt Montmorency first handles telephone messages until 9:00 am every day, after which reservations on site are accepted;
  • Reservations are possible up to 12 months in advance, date for date. Ex.: A reservation for Friday, March 17 to Sunday, March 19, 2018, can be made no earlier than March 17, 2017, starting at 7:30 am. Calls made before this time will not be considered. A voice mailbox receives the calls and this is where you must leave your reservation request. Please note the time delay that may occur from one year to another. Do not rely on the date of arrival of your current reservation to reserve your new date;
  • Following a reservation, a written confirmation is sent to the client who is responsible for verifying the information, in case errors have occurred;
  • Contact us if you do not receive your confirmation.

Payment terms

  • For all reservations (lodging, classroom rental, activity registration, etc.) a deposit is required as a guarantee. The amount of the deposit is determined by the table available: HERE
  • The balance of the reservation must be paid in full, at the latest, seven days before the date of arrival;
  • All additional services during the stay must be paid as and when required.
  • Failure to make required payments will result in the booking being cancelled without notice;
  • Payments can be made by credit card (Visa or Mastercard). Payments made in person at the counter can also be made by debit card or cash.


Terms of amendment

  • Changes that do not affect the reservation dates and do not reduce the value of the booking will be accepted without charge;
  • Changes for dates earlier than the reservation date that do not reduce the value of the stay will be accepted free of charge regardless of the date the changes are requested;
  • Changes to dates made 14 days or more before the reservation date and do not reduce the value of the stay will be accepted free of charge;
  • Changes reducing the value of the stay are treated according to the cancellation policy. However, changes that reduce the numbers to below minimum reservation conditions established by Forêt Montmorency ( minimum number of people or nights) will not be accepted. Only a total cancellation of the stay is accepted;
  • Changes to dates later than the reservation that are made 13 days or less before the date of stay will be accepted with an administration fee of $ 10/room, (minimum $35 plus taxes) even if the value of the stay is not reduced.


For a cancellation made : 

  • Up to 31 days before date of arrival: no charge
  • Between 8 to 30 days before arrival : 30% of total amount (we will keep the account) 
  • 7 days and less before date of arrival : 100 % of total amount