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Keys to the rooms are distributed from 4:00 p.m. for the rooms in the pavilion and cottages (Hamlet, Boreal and Birch) and 1:00 p.m. for rustic shelters. In the meantime, luggage can be checked at the front desk. Accommodations must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. except for the rustic shelters when you can leave at noon. If the customer has not left by check out time, a penalty is automatically applied (see Penalties and Sanctions). 


Each individual tenant is entitled to stay in the most favourable conditions for rest and relaxation. It is therefore essential that each person’s conduct follows the requirements of the common good and the following rules are observed:

  • When pricing is based per person, the lessee must report the number of people who occupy the rented room.

Regulations concerning the proper use of the premises

  • A tenant client agrees not to move the furniture in the rented room.
  • The tenant agrees to enjoy the leased premises for that individual only, to engage only in activities respecting the peace and order necessary to the welfare of other tenants.
  • The tenant shall not attach anything to the walls or woodwork of the leased premises (except where provided for), nor place anything in windows or other rooms of the pavilion and make reasonable use of the furniture as well as the facilities
  • A tenant must maintain the leased premises in an acceptable state of cleanliness. Any problem related to a defect must be reported.
  • Wet, snowy or muddy equipment must be stored in the waxing room or be cleaned and dried before being stored elsewhere in the pavilion.
  • The personal effects of customers should not litter the halls of the residence.
  • Out of respect for other customers of the Forêt Montmorency, the customer must wear suitable attire to go to the shower from the room. The customer shall wear at least a t-shirt and pants. A towel tied around the waist or underwear are not adequate.
  • The hosting service reserves the right to prohibit anything that could be subject to complaints from other tenants on the leased premises or in the building (respect of individual freedom).
  • A lessee shall not throw anything out the windows or in the air or light wells.
  • The tenant must not change rooms or offer one to another person without first informing the accommodations managers and obtaining their agreement.
  • Peace and quiet must be observed in the lounges after 10:00 p.m.

Regulations regarding health and safety

  • No firearms (including air guns), projectile-throwing devices, or any flammable, explosive, corrosive or otherwise damaging substances should be kept in the leased premises;
  • No device used to refrigerate, bake, roast or reheat food may be used or kept in the room or other places. Only the use of a cooler running on 12 volts is tolerated;
  • No animals (domestic or otherwise) are allowed in the buildings of Laval University (pavilion, chalets, refuges), unless it is a MIRA guide dog or assistance dog.
  • Domestic animals are allowed on the territory, but they must remain leashed at all times;
  • Careless use of and damage to fire prevention and emergency equipment may be subject to fines and prosecution under Article 437 of the Criminal Code.
  • The possession, use or trafficking of drugs or other illegal activities are strictly forbidden throughout the Forêt Montmorency and in all facilities belonging to Laval University.
  • All infrastructures of the Forêt Montmorency are considered non-smoking buildings.
  • The capacity of each unit must not be exceeded.

Regulations pertaining to the use of the territory

  • Guests must comply with the parking signs. In winter the park is west of the meteorological station. Once the thaw is complete, parking at the rear of the pavilion will be added.
  • Each person who uses the territory of the Forêt Montmorency must first register at the reception. Depending on the activity performed, an access fee applies. The customer must prominently display on his person his admission ticket, whether daily or longer.
  • The customer must not leave the marked trails to prevent harming research projects in progress.

Regulations specific to the Cafeteria

  • The customer must comply with the cafeteria hours. No one is allowed to enter through any door other than the one provided for the public (double door). The chef may, if he deems it necessary, delay the opening of the cafeteria.
  • Clean and proper attire is required in the cafeteria. Dirty or wet boots or shoes are prohibited in the cafeteria. Wearing an undershirt is likewise prohibited.
  • The customer must wait for the cook to serve him at the hot food table. Self-service is forbidden.
  • The customer has the option of ordering a take-out lunch; a lunch order form must be completed the day before; this form is available in the cafeteria at suppertime. The cafeteria cannot guarantee lunch for customers who do not order in advance.
  • It is forbidden to leave the cafeteria with tableware. Take-out paper and plastic glasses are available

Non-compliance with certain regulations of the Forêt Montmorency may result in financial penalties. These fees are:

  • $50 + tax: fee per room not released by 12:00 PM (noon) on the day of departure;
  • $50 + tax: fee per room if the no-smoking rule was not observed;
  • $50 + tax: per accommodations/night fee per person not registered in a room, cottage or shelter;
  • $75 + tax: fee for triggering a fire detector in a room (caused by cigarette smoke or other products);
  • $200 + tax: fee per room for non-compliance with regulations regarding animals in university buildings;
  • The cost to repair or replace equipment broken by the tenant of the room whether through carelessness, negligence or want of skill. These fees vary depending on the magnitude of the event.

In addition to financial penalties, a customer who contravenes any regulation may be expelled immediately without refund.