Regulations for Cross Country skiing PASSEPORT 2019

PASSPORT Cross-Country Skiing 2019 Procedures and Policies

The passport is valid for 10 cross-country skiing daily tickets on natural snow, upon presentation at the reception desk of the Montmorency Forest, accompanied by photo identification, when you purchase your daily ticket. Obtaining and carrying the daily ticket is mandatory.

It is possible for the owner of the passport to use more than 1 of the 10 tickets included in his passport, per day, in other words, the can share the passport. Please note that only the owner of the passport can make the transaction by being in person at the reception desk of the Montmorency Forest, accompanied by a photo ID.


Passport owners get 10% off any purchase of products and services at the Montmorency Forest (including the daily artificial snow ski ticket), at a regular price, to be used by April 30, 2020. Certain conditions apply.

For reservations with accommodation, the discount applies to all occupants of the booked accommodation unit (room, shelter or cottage).

To apply the discount on multiple accommodation units, a minimum of 1 passport member per accommodation unit is required. The discount is also granted to bookings with children requiring a second room.

The passport holder must pay a single bill for all occupants of the accommodation unit. If the occupants request separate bills (considered a shared room), each occupant must have a passport. Otherwise, the other reservations will not have a discount.

For reservations of activities with or without accommodation, the passport holder has the right to 3 guests, regardless of their status (child, spouse, friends, etc.). So, for each passport holder, there can be up to 4 people, including the holder, who benefits from this discount. For example: a shelter is rented for 6 people who have a mycology activity. With 1 passport holder, the discount applies on the price of the refuge for 6 people, there is a reduced price for 4 people and 2 people pay the regular price for the mycology activity.

The same rule (1 passport for 4 people) applies for independent activities (which are not reserved in advance) such as access rights for cross-country skiing, walking or snowshoeing.


* The natural snow season begins on a variable date, when the entire area is covered with snow and the snow depth is high enough that rock skis are no longer needed. Check the ski conditions regularly, as the natural snow ski rate will be announced when conditions permit.