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Sustainable Development Policy

Montmorency Forest’s Sustainable Development Policy provides the main development guidelines, defined as the protocols guiding activities taking place in the territory. These planning guidelines have been developed so that they can be applied to concrete actions. Consequently, they implicitly contain the related development objectives which describe the future or desired state or condition of the management orientation and provide a basis for the development of strategies and practices. The policy is divided into 10 sections:

  • Research and continuous improvement
  • Conservation of the forest environment and resources
  • Development of the forest environment and resources
  • Teaching and continuing education
  • Public education and community support
  • Research
  • Conservation
  • Development
  • Teaching
  • Education

A Model for Forest Resource Management

Development of a Sustainable Development Model

  • To act as a demonstration site for sustainable management of all resources in the forest environment by developing an economically viable model of an adaptive management strategy;
  • To contribute to monitoring focal wildlife species to assess the success of the management model from a biological point of view, through collaboration with the specific projects.

Adaptive Management Implementation

  • To contribute to the continuous improvement of forestry practices through a process of environmental impact assessment of management activities;
  • To carry out research on issues connected to the territory and to revise the development strategy as necessary based on the research results;
  • To document and monitor the evolution of the management strategy by archiving research results and historical forest data;
  • To seek the participation of professors from Laval University in the work of the Montmorency Forest Scientific and Management Committee, in particular those of the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics.

Reception of Research

Prioritization of Research Activities

  • To maintain and restore natural forest sites for research purposes by maintaining a legally recognized protected area;
  • To stimulate the implementation of research programs respecting the development strategy by maintaining a list of issues related to the territory;
  • To facilitate researchers’ work by making a database of the territory available and by offering technical support in the field;
  • To make the results of research carried out in the territory accessible through archives and the web interface;
  • To protect research devices during planning and intervention activities by using adequate localization tools.

For any questions concerning teaching and research at the Montmorency Forest, write to us at the following addresses: recherche@fm.ulaval.ca ou enseignement@fm.ulaval.ca